A recent study suggests that insomnia in women might be snoozing their satisfaction in the bedroom. Yep, turns out lack of quality sleep might be a buzzkill for the ladies.

The research, from Elevier’s Journal of Psychosomatic Research, reveals that over half of women wrestling with insomnia struggle to reach that grand finale. On the flip side, only a third of well-rested women face similar issues. For the men, 23 percent report problems in the climax department.

Dr. Wilfred Pigeon from the University of Rochester says that women bear the brunt with twice the rate of both sleep troubles and bedroom blues compared to men.

Experts recommend a solid 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep, which is often easier said than done. Need solutions? Dim those lights, stash the smartphones, and maybe skip the steamy movies before bedtime. And hey, if you’re still struggling, therapy, melatonin, or even a crossword puzzle might be your ticket to dreamland.

Whether you’re counting sheep or seeking satisfaction, a good night’s sleep might just be the key to sweet dreams in more ways than one!