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It’s that time of year when candy stashes are about to invade our homes. But if you’re concerned about your dental health, there are some steps you can take to avoid those dreaded visits to the dentist.

According to Dr. Olivia Mason from Almost Heaven Dentistry, the key to protecting your teeth from the sugary onslaught is managing the exposure time to sweet treats. Her advice may come as a surprise – she suggests eating your entire bag of Halloween candy in one sitting. While this might not be easy on your stomach, it’s apparently better for your teeth than nibbling on candy over the next few months.

Dr. Mason also points out that sticky, tacky, chewy, and gummy candies are the worst culprits when it comes to dental health. Although chocolate isn’t ideal, it’s easier to clean off your teeth.

But it’s not just your teeth that could suffer from excess candy. Jefferson County Health Commissioner Andrew Henry warns that consuming sweets before bedtime can disrupt your sleep, especially for children. He advises parents to limit their kids’ candy intake and make sure they put it away after indulging in their Halloween haul.

So, as Halloween approaches, keep these dental health tips in mind. Enjoy the treats, but do so in moderation to protect your teeth and your sleep.