If you ask us, it seems vampires have their eyes set on the city that never sleeps, New York City. With its bustling late-night bar scene and a population of nearly 9 million potential victims, the Big Apple is the ideal metropolis for Dracula and his caped comrades to call home. And you won’t believe the criteria that put NYC at the top of the list.

Lawn Love, a lawn care company, conducted a survey of the top 500 cities across the country, taking into account factors crucial to the vampiric lifestyle. They considered essentials like blood centers and basement dwellings, as well as deterrents such as garlic festivals. The result? New York City emerged as the ultimate haven for bloodsuckers.

Apart from offering a smorgasbord of human prey, NYC boasts an impressive number of vampire-friendly clubs and groups. The city is also home to a substantial number of casket makers and blood centers, making it a vampire’s paradise.

Chicago came in second place, thanks to its abundance of homes with basements (85%), while Columbus, Ohio, secured the third spot due to its limited annual sunshine (only 46% of the year) and a high number of blood drives.

Father Sebastiaan, the founder of the Endless Night Vampire Ball, even chimed in, hailing NYC as the best city for vampires in North America. He praised the towering buildings that shield vampires from the sun and the intricate network of subway tunnels and sewers where they can take refuge. Who knows, maybe they’re even mingling with the legendary “mole people.”

But don’t forget the vibrant gala circuit. According to John Edgar Browning, an expert in vampire lore and mythology, New York City’s social scene is a big draw for the fanged community. Vampires aren’t just about hunting; they love to enjoy society-type balls and parties.

So, if you’re ever strolling through the streets of the Big Apple at night, keep an eye out for more than just Broadway stars and skyscrapers. You might just spot a vampire or two enjoying the city’s dark delights.