Photo by Jacob Bentzinger/

You know how Airbnb always tries to keep the party poopers at bay, but sometimes, those open-invite shindigs just sneak through the cracks? Well, they’ve got a new trick up their sleeve – artificial intelligence!

Airbnb is bringing in the big guns to keep those disruptive and unauthorized parties from haunting the neighborhood during Halloween. They’ve unveiled an AI-driven anti-party system across the U.S. and Canada, and it’s out to stop those wild bookings before they even happen.

So, how does this high-tech guardian of the night work its magic? It’s all about AI and machine learning. This system scans through a bunch of signals like the length of the stay, how far the listing is from your crypt of choice, and if you’re booking at the last minute. It then waves a digital red flag if things seem fishy.

Naba Banerjee, Airbnb’s safety chief, chimed in, saying they want to make sure those disruptive parties are as rare as a black cat crossing your path. Last year, their AI anti-party system managed to keep thousands of potential revelers from booking a whole house, and it might just be the secret sauce behind fewer party poopers this Halloween.

So, while you’re out there getting your costumes ready, know that AI is watching over the Airbnb realm, making sure things stay spooktacularly peaceful. Have a boo-tiful Halloween, everyone! 🎃👻