Cuffing season is back, and for many singles, it’s a time of year when finding that special someone to snuggle with during the long, cold winter becomes a top priority. But how do you know if someone is genuinely into you or just looking for temporary companionship until someone better comes along? Jacob Lucas, a dating expert and popular TikTok influencer, has some intriguing insights that might just save you from heartache this cuffing season.

Seeking Your Advice

Jacob emphasizes that a key sign of someone’s genuine interest is when they consistently seek your advice. According to Lucas, they do this for two reasons: they highly value your opinion, and it’s a clever excuse to engage in conversations with you. So, if you find someone turning to you for guidance frequently, take it as a positive sign.

Playful Teasing

Another telltale sign of interest is playful teasing. Lucas suggests that if someone starts joking around with you and engaging in more banter than they do with others, they’re likely trying to build a fun and flirtatious connection. Playfulness often indicates genuine attraction.

Sliding into Your DMs

When someone is regularly creeping into your DMs, it’s a “dead giveaway” that they’re crushing hard, says Lucas. Consistently commenting on your Instagram Stories or sending you memes that remind them of you is a subtle way of initiating a conversation. It’s a clear sign of interest.

Mimicking Your Speech and Slang

If you notice someone trying to copy the way you speak and even mirroring your slang terms, they’re likely drawn to you. It’s a subtle yet effective way to establish a connection and show that they’re attuned to your personality and interests.

Investigating Your Dating Status

Finally, if someone is discreetly trying to find out if you’re dating someone else, it’s a strong indicator of their interest. Lucas suggests that they may be gauging their competition and, in turn, showing their intentions to make you their “bae” for the holidays.

While cuffing season can be a bit daunting, these hints could help you navigate it with more confidence. So, keep an eye out for these subtle signals and enjoy the winter with someone who’s genuinely into you.