A change is coming to Best Buy. Starting in 2024, they’ll be waving goodbye to physical DVDs, both in-store and online. It’s all thanks to the rise of streaming services, which have made DVDs a bit old-fashioned.

According to a spokesperson from Best Buy speaking to Bloomberg, this shift is about making space for new and exciting tech products. They want to offer you the latest and greatest in technology, rather than traditional DVDs.

Best Buy isn’t alone in this move; it’s simply adapting to the changing times. The way we watch movies and TV shows has transformed. Remember when you had to wait for a movie to release on DVD? Now, you can have instant access with a click.

Streaming is not only more convenient but also more budget-friendly. No need to purchase pricey DVDs or invest in DVD players. For the cost of a single disc, you can enjoy a whole month of content.

The decline of DVD sales is not a recent phenomenon. CNBC data shows an 86% drop from 2008 to 2018. Even Netflix, which once mailed DVDs, has switched entirely to streaming for its massive subscriber base.

Some customers noticed this transition happening in Best Buy stores a couple of years ago. It’s a long-expected change, keeping pace with the digital era.