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If someone says they wouldn’t hurt a fly, they might just be outsourcing that job to someone else.

A new poll found the average person encounters a bug or pest five times a week.  And most of us WILL squish them if necessary. 

But 20% would much rather report it, and let someone else do the squishing.The survey found we’re more likely to squish a bug if we find it inside our home, which makes sense. 

But 12%… or one in eight people… feel it’s their “duty” to catch-and-release, and take the bug outside.  So some of us DO care.

A few of the top bugs we’ll immediately squish include beetles, cockroaches, and centipedes. 

But only 16% said they usually squish spiders.

Speaking of spiders, the poll found 40% of us still believe the old myth that you swallow eight spiders a year in your sleep.  That’s not really true.  The actual number is right around zero.

Final stat:  The poll found the worst time and place to spot a bug in your home is in the kitchen when you’re in the middle of cooking.