Photo: Target

It’s impossible to predict what random thing becomes the next sensation the next must-have the next Beanie Babies, or Tickle Me Elmo, or Furby, or even Hatchimals.  But THIS is stranger than ALL of those.

Over the past week, a Halloween decoration at Target has gone viral.  It’s a jack-o-lantern humanoid that’s dressed like a ghoul that’s eight-feet-tall that costs $180.000 that is named “LEWIS.”

It also speaks when you push a button.  Its main line is:  “I am NOT a jack-o-lantern.  My name is Lewis.”

Others include:  “Trick or treat, all you creepy crawlers.” “Hello, hello!  I’m so happy you could carve out some time to come out tonight” and “Crooked smile and glowing eyes, I see all your tricks from way up high.”  (Okay, that one is pretty good.)

Lewis is SOLD OUT everywhere despite being huge, expensive, and a Halloween decoration that’s going to spend 11 months in your garage.

But even if you can’t OWN a Lewis right now you can visit him.  Many Target locations have Lewis set up inside the store, and people have been posting videos on social media of “meeting” him like he’s a celebrity.

Videos like those are what made Lewis go viral in the first place, with people saying things like, “Lewis is the best decoration of all time.”

Others have created shirts inspired by Lewis, and people have publicly called out Target locations that don’t have Lewis plugged in.

Target hasn’t commented, so it’s unclear when or if Lewis will be back in stock.