You know that to-do list you’ve got scribbled on the corner of your desk or maybe tucked away in your phone? It turns out, a lot of us have a little secret when it comes to our to-do lists.

Someone polled 10,000 Americans about their to-do list habits, and guess what? A whopping 43% admitted they’ve added things they’ve already done, just for the sheer joy of crossing them off.

You may be saying, “Wait, what? I’ve never done that!” Well, don’t worry; you’re not alone. About 47% of folks claim they’ve never indulged in this delightful to-do list trick, and around 10% aren’t sure or can’t remember. (And hey, not remembering if you’ve ever done it? Well, that’s a to-do list item itself!)

The survey didn’t dive deep into the “why” of it all, but maybe it’s just procrastination, trying to make us feel like we’ve accomplished more than we really have. Or maybe we’ve achieved something significant but didn’t add it to the list, and why deny ourselves the sweet satisfaction of ticking it off?

Over half of those 45 and under confessed to this list-crossing caper, while only 26% of the wise and experienced 65 and up folks said they’ve dabbled in it.

The to-do list conundrum: to add or not to add, that is the question! And if you do add, just remember, it’s all in the name of feeling that sweet, sweet accomplishment.