Today, we’re delving into the dating scene’s latest lingo: anti-ghosting. You’re probably familiar with ghosting – the act of silently disappearing from someone’s life. Well, anti-ghosting is its more respectable counterpart.

In essence, anti-ghosting means being upfront about your lack of romantic interest instead of pulling a Houdini. You send a clear and courteous message like, “We’re looking for different things” or “I’m not feeling a romantic connection.”

Dating experts suggest composing an anti-ghosting text that’s both polite and direct. It’s important that you don’t offer a trip to the “Friend Zone” unless you genuinely see it as a possibility.

But what if you receive an anti-ghosting text? Rejection can be tough, no doubt. But if it’s a polite message, respond graciously. You might say something like, “Thanks for not ghosting!” or “You’re cool; I understand. Best of luck!”

And here’s a valuable tip: Keep your response positive, even if you’re feeling a bit salty. No need for snarky comebacks. Remember, rejection is just redirection. If they’re not interested, it’s their loss.

Most of the time, people appreciate anti-ghosting messages. So, if you’re thinking of sending one, don’t hesitate. It’s a relief for the other person, and it might save you from being ghosted down the road. It’s a win-win!