Coca-Cola has just unveiled a flavor that’s truly unique – Coca‑Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar. What makes it stand out? Well, it’s a collaborative creation between humans and artificial intelligence (AI).

The Coca-Cola team didn’t just throw this together; they considered the emotions, aspirations, colors, and flavors that fans imagine for the future. It’s like a sneak peek into what the future might taste like.

Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Global Strategy at The Coca‑Cola Company, mentioned that they’re exploring what a Coke from the year 3000 might taste like. It’s an intriguing concept, isn’t it?

But there’s more! Alongside this new beverage, they’ve introduced the Coca‑Cola Creations Hub. Scan the QR code, and you can explore the future with the Y3000 AI Cam.

So, grab a Y3000 and raise a glass to a future where Coca-Cola remains as refreshing and relevant as ever. Who knows, maybe in the year 3000, they’ll be reminiscing about the Y3000 just like we do about classic Coke today. Cheers to a fizzy future! 🚀🥤