Considering the future relationship with you ex? Here are four signs that indicate you might not be ready to be friends with your ex just yet:
1. You’re still in love with them. If your heartstrings are still tightly attached to your ex romantically, transitioning into a platonic friendship can be challenging. It might be something to consider down the road, but not today.
2. You’re still sexually active with them. Being friends typically means no longer having a romantic or sexual connection. Continuing in that way can complicate matters and make it harder to move on in the long run.
3. You want to get back together. If the hidden agenda is to rekindle the relationship, it’s crucial to pause and reflect. Remember, you broke up for a reason, and pursuing friendship with ulterior motives can lead to disappointment.
4. You’re pursuing friendship out of guilt or insecurity. If feelings of guilt or fear of being alone are driving your desire to be friends with your ex, it may not be the healthiest basis for a friendship. A genuine liking and desire for their presence in your life should be the driving force.
In the world of exes and friendships, timing and intentions matter, so consider these signs before taking the friendship plunge.