In the peaceful Lake Mary neighborhood of Florida, a unique resident known as “Tripod” has been attracting attention due to an extraordinary incident involving a poolside refrigerator and White Claw hard seltzer. Tripod, the three-legged bear, has become somewhat of a local legend in this tranquil community.

A Surprising Encounter

Residents of Lake Mary had encountered Tripod before, but his recent visit to a resident’s garden took an unexpected turn. The bear, recognizable by its tripod stance, boldly helped itself to some food and drinks from a poolside refrigerator. Josaury Faneite-Diglio, the homeowner, recounted the incident with both surprise and understanding.

“He ate the fish food we had outside next to our fish tank and then proceeded to the bar,” she recalled. “He took three White Claws, drank, and left very happy. His favorite flavor is mango and strawberry.”

Familiarity and Respect

One remarkable aspect of this story is the familiarity that Lake Mary residents have with Tripod. Faneite-Diglio’s security camera captured the bear’s adventure, but there was no sense of fear. “I was not scared because we know the bear really well. He lives here; we respect their habitat as much as we can,” she explained.

The Mystery of the Missing Leg

The mystery surrounding Tripod’s missing leg adds an air of intrigue to his story. While the circumstances behind his injury remain unknown, it’s a testament to the resilience of wildlife in the face of adversity.

In a world where human communities and natural habitats often intersect, Tripod serves as a symbol of coexistence and adaptation. His unusual encounter with a poolside refrigerator and White Claw has brought a unique blend of charm and curiosity to Lake Mary, reminding us of the remarkable stories that can unfold when humans and wildlife share a common space.

So, as we reflect on Tripod’s story, we’re reminded that nature has a way of surprising us, teaching us to appreciate the resilience of the wild and the importance of respecting their world even in our own backyards.