To-do List Conundrum

You know that to-do list you’ve got scribbled on the corner of your desk or maybe tucked away in your phone? It turns out, a lot of us have a little secret when it comes to our to-do lists.

Someone polled 10,000 Americans about their to-do list habits, and guess what? A whopping 43% admitted they’ve added things they’ve already done, just for the sheer joy of crossing them off.

You may be saying, “Wait, what? I’ve never done that!” Well, don’t worry; you’re not alone. About 47% of folks claim they’ve never indulged in this delightful to-do list trick, and around 10% aren’t sure or can’t remember. (And hey, not remembering if you’ve ever done it? Well, that’s a to-do list item itself!)

The survey didn’t dive deep into the “why” of it all, but maybe it’s just procrastination, trying to make us feel like we’ve accomplished more than we really have. Or maybe we’ve achieved something significant but didn’t add it to the list, and why deny ourselves the sweet satisfaction of ticking it off?

Over half of those 45 and under confessed to this list-crossing caper, while only 26% of the wise and experienced 65 and up folks said they’ve dabbled in it.

The to-do list conundrum: to add or not to add, that is the question! And if you do add, just remember, it’s all in the name of feeling that sweet, sweet accomplishment.

Social Media Did Very Little to Improve Mental Health During Lockdowns

Photo by Kev Costello from Unsplash

We all know that during the lockdowns, social media became our lifeline to the outside world. But did it really help our mental well-being? Well, it turns out, not as much as we thought.

A recent study from the University of Hong Kong took a deep dive into this issue. They looked at data from over 16,000 people in the UK during various phases of the pandemic. And guess what? The results might make you raise an eyebrow.

Despite all those Zoom calls, WhatsApp chats, and Facebook messages, anxiety and depression levels didn’t show much of a difference between heavy users and those who avoided these platforms. Yep, you heard that right. Our virtual hangouts didn’t quite fill the void left by the lack of in-person socializing.

And young adults who amped up their social media game during the pandemic actually saw their mental health take a hit. Those 20-year-olds who rarely touched social media before suddenly found themselves feeling 10 percent more anxious and depressed when they went all-in on the online social scene.

And it’s not just about the digital world. Financial strain during lockdowns also played a big role in people’s mental well-being. Those who felt the financial pinch had anxiety and depression levels a whopping 25 percent higher than those who didn’t.

Social media helped us stay connected, but it didn’t magically cure our pandemic blues. And for some young adults, it even made things worse. It’s a reminder that while technology can be a lifeline, it’s no substitute for real, in-person connections.

Tinder for the Rich

Photo credit: Tinder

We’ve got some spicy news for you in the world of online dating. Tinder has just unleashed its inner VIP with the all-new “Tinder Select” membership. Now, before you get too excited, you might want to check your bank account because this exclusive club doesn’t come cheap at a whopping $499 per month. Yep, you heard that right, it’s not for the faint of heart or the light of wallet.

So, what’s all the buzz about? Well, it’s not just about the features, it’s about the exclusivity! Tinder is playing hard to get, allowing only the chosen few, less than 1% of users, to join this high-end dating party. And if you make the cut, you get to flaunt it with an exclusive “SELECT” badge on your profile. 

So what do you actually get for that hard-earned cash? Well, you can slide into someone’s DMs without the need for a match, but only twice a week, and sorry, no Super Likes included. Plus, not everyone wants your messages, so some folks can opt out. On the bright side, your profile will be unblurred in the Like You grid for up to seven days. 

The real mystery is how Tinder determines these “most sought after profiles.” Maybe it’s the folks who got lucky in the Select club? Who knows! But if you’re in, you also get a sneak peek at new Tinder features before the masses, ad-free swiping, and a peek at your recent Likes. Stack it with Plus, Gold, or Platinum if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Before you rush off to apply, remember, there’s a checklist. You need four photos, five interests, a bio that’s at least 15 characters long, and you have to be photo-verified. Oh, and you should have a hefty dating budget because this ain’t for the penny pinchers.

There you have it, Tinder’s new high-roller club, Tinder Select. Will it find love in the hearts of Gen Z? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, swipe right on fun and swipe left on empty wallets!

If I Could Save Time in a Bottle

It’s 1940, a stormy Armistice Day in the Great Lakes. In the midst of howling winds and crashing waves, George Keller, the fearless lightkeeper of White Shoal, and his trusty partner had a wild idea. They decided to toss a message in a bottle into the tempestuous waters, just in case they didn’t make it through the night.

That very message, once adrift in the storm, was plucked from the waters by an unsuspecting fisherman near Gros Cap, Mich. It’s like something out of a Hollywood movie, right?

George Keller and his comrade did survive the blizzard. And their bottle message became a symbol of resilience and connection. It’s a testament to the incredible stories hidden within the folds of history.

To celebrate the 113th anniversary of the White Shoal Light, the White Shoal Light Historical Preservation Society has launched a “message in a bottle contest.”  And you have a chance to create your own piece of history.

Four bottles were tossed into the Mackinac Straits on Labor Day, each containing a message from descendants of George Keller. They’re offering free stays at the iconic lighthouse for the lucky finders, whether you’re a lone adventurer or a group of up to five.

Keep your eyes peeled for those bottles, because not only will you uncover a remarkable piece of history, but you might also score yourself a free stay at this historic lighthouse.

She Met Travis’ Mom…Not Original

Breaking Celebrity Gossip: Taylor Swift Spotted Cheering for Travis Kelce with his Mom!

Hold onto your seats, because the rumor mill is working overtime! Taylor Swift has set tongues wagging as she made a somewhat surprise appearance at Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs game, cheering on none other than tight end Travis Kelce.

Speculation about Taylor’s love life went into overdrive when she accepted Kelce’s invitation to be his lucky charm at the showdown against the Chicago Bears. This surprising move follows her much-publicized split from her six-year beau, Joe Alwyn, earlier this year in April.

But here’s where it gets interesting. In July, Travis Kelce himself spilled the beans on his brother Jason Kelce’s podcast, confessing that he attempted to gift Taylor Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number at her Eras Tour concert when it came  through Kansas City. But apparently he wasn’t able to give it to her personally that night.

In an interview on September 20, Jason Kelce, Travis’s brother, had this to say: “I think they’re doing great, and I think it’s all 100% true, and I hope this thing goes a mile — no, I’m joking, I don’t know what’s happening.”

Fast forward to Sunday, and Swift was spotted rocking Kelce’s team colors and seated next to none other than Travis’s mom, Donna Kelce, in a spectators’ suite. The cameras even caught her passionately cheering when Kelce scored a touchdown.

The pair were later seen leaving the stadium together following the game, which the Chiefs won 41-10.

Taylor Swift: Meeting the Parents, a Familiar Tale

For Taylor Swift, this isn’t her first rodeo when it comes to getting acquainted with a potential beau’s family.

Back in 2016, Swift made headlines when she was photographed in Suffolk alongside her then-boyfriend, actor Tom Hiddleston, and his mother, Diane Hiddleston. This meeting, however, turned out to be just a brief chapter in their whirlwind romance, which concluded after a mere three months.

So, will this meeting with Travis Kelce’s mom mark the start of something more enduring? Only time will tell.