I was in my office at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in Andover, MA. There was suddenly a commotion in the cubicle area so I went out to see what was going on. People were talking about a plane hitting the world trade center. I went back to my office to call my wife who was at home with my 3 yr old and 6 month old  sons to see if she knew what was going on.

During the conversation the 2nd plane hit and within minutes we knew it wasn’t an accident. My heart skipped as I thought of my daughters. My three girls were all in grammar school and we wondered if we should get them, afraid that this was only the beginning. It was recommended that everyone stay were they were, not panic and keep the roads clear. I spent the majority of the day in the company’s auditorium where they had set up the news coverage on the large projection screen.

I snuck out early, when school was out to pick up my girls, and felt a state of relief when we got home and were all together. It didn’t last long though till the fear what could happen next crept back in. It was a scary and strange time for weeks after with no planes in the skies and people hesitant to go out and gather in public places.

originally posted Sep 2021