I was working like any other day. Suddenly (because I’m always on the lookout for news) CNN announces the collision of a plane with one of the twin towers at NY. It caused us sadness for people who had undoubtedly lost their lives. Suddenly when the reporter gave the news with one of the smoking towers in the background, we saw live how another plane hit the second tower.

It paralyzed me, I had no doubt that it was a terrorist attack, I felt part of the aggrieved because I understood that it was an attack not only with the USA but with the entire system where freedoms prevail as the main flag. That motivated me to write a letter to the White House (by internet), despite being Peruvian, living far from your country and understanding that it was an offense to all free countries.

We do not hesitate to privilege the defense of freedom and we sympathize with all the people who were directly affected by that attack.

originally posted Sep 2021